About Us

Founded in 1967, our core values lie in quality, reliability and excellence. We produce luxurious carpets in an array of sizes in the finest quality of wool and silk. The knots on the carpets range from at least 100 knots to a staggering 2500 knots per square inch.

We can work with you to customize and create something unique that reflects 'you' based on your design, color, quality, size and even shape requirement.

The journey of a carpet that essentially starts with a thread, ends with a beautiful piece of sophistication with a mélange of traditional, transitional and contemporary carpets, with balanced textures, color and depth, which move with the time and trends. Our extensive network of dealers in different countries like Dubai, Iran, etc. lead to an amalgamation of different cultures, which yields multicultural designs, thus enriching your home decor.

Besides having all possible renditions of a carpet, we also provide exclusive international and customized carpets based on requirements. We house all styles of carpets from low cost to opulent ones because your budget should never come in way of your covet. Customer satisfaction is what drives us to provide the exquisite quality that we do.